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Berlin Wilmersdorf (Charlottenburg) is the fourth borough of Berlin. Both Kurfürstendamm “City West” as well as Berlin Mitte, which is historically belong to Berlin Wilmersdorf.In this district for instance, download the University of Arts Berlin, the German Opera Berlin and the Berlin Olympic Stadium for a visit. If you do not want to perform alone these visits, simply download one from a lady escort Wilmersdorf this. Berlin Wilmersdorf is considered rather than the bourgeois of the parts of Berlin. One has the opportunity to take a relaxing city break as well as other fantastic opportunities to go out to find in Berlin Wilmersdorf. Furthermore you can visit many monuments here.

Other attractions in this part of the civil parts of Berlin include for example the town hall Schmargendorf and Grunewald Tower. If one is particularly interested in structures, one should visit the Holy Cross Church in Schmargendorf that Luis church on Gierkeplatz, the village church in Schmargendorf and the Charlottenburg Palace and the Rathaus Charlottenburg. If you do not want to make these visits alone, then a lady from Escort Wilmersdorf will surely accompany you. Furthermore, the Platform 17 memorial at the famous Bahnhof Grunewald, the artist colony Berlin, the Berlin Radio Tower, the Monument at Schildhorn for Jaxa von Köpenick and many other monuments worth visiting.

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Those who want to experience more cultural experience, either the German Opera Berlin, the Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz should visit the theater of the West. Since a visit of this alone is not so nice, of course, you should then think about inviting a lady from Escort Wilmersdorf as accompaniment. Similarly, the Renaissance Theater in the fourth of the Berlin neighborhoods or the National Museums (Museum for Pre- and Early History, Museum of Photography, etc.) is worth seeing again and again. At special times you can also at the fairgrounds and the ICC Berlin in Berlin Wilmersdorf, one of the parts of Berlin, and the Villa Oppenheim many beautiful things you erleben.Wenn due to a business trip but alone in Berlin should be, can give you an escort from Escort Wilmersdorf are recommended. Likewise, the Berlin Olympic Stadium, the Olympic Park, the Memorial Church on Breitscheidplatz, the Europa Center and the famous Wasserklops are highly recommended.

To Berlin Wilmersdorf but certainly not only explore, but also relaxed take a drink, then you can indeed times to visit the A-Trane. There you can also enjoy music from artists such as Diane Krall not only delicious drinks, but the club. Every Saturday there is the so-called “Late Night Jam Session” in which much is improvised. A visit can be this semi highly recommended. Furthermore attracts Absetz Bar to its visitors. In this bar you can enjoy a wonderful evening with cocktails, tapas and beautiful music to spend if you want, even if accompanied by a lady from Escort Wilmersdorf.

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Those who want to prefer food, should pull the fourth of the Berlin neighborhoods, Wilmersdorf, into consideration. There especially the Al Mundo can be recommended, where you can enjoy Mediterranean and Oriental food. Should it rather be an Argentinean steak you should Asado in Wilmersdorf visit, perhaps accompanied by a lady from Escort Wilmersdorf. Travelers who want to stay very comfortably in Wilmersdorf, there are various accommodations, such as the 3-star Ivbergs Hotel Charlottenburg and the ART-Hotel Charlottenburger Hof, available.

If you want it more comfortable, stayed in Hollywood Media Hotel, situated directly on the famous Kurfürstendamm. This particular hotel can be considered a tribute to the film as well as the unforgettable film legends, which thus represents an exclusive ambiance and can go from here relaxes the Kurfürstendamm along walks, either direction or direction Halensee Breitenbachplatz.

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