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Escort Wedding – sexy girls will visit you in Berlin

The sexy girls from escort Wedding visit u in house. Hotel in Berlin. Experience with the lady of your choice from the escort Wedding hot hours. Nestled in the Berlin districts of Charlottenburg, Tiergarten, Pankow, Prenzlauer Berg, Reinickendorf and the former center is the historic district of Berlin Wedding. This since the administrative reform in 2001, belongs as well to Gesundbrunnen Berlin Mitte.

Its history goes back to the 13th century and has since industrialization marked by workers. first documented the small village Wedding is 1251. It is named after it Rudolphus de Wedding, a nobleman from near Magdeburg, who founded the village around today Nettelbeckplatz. During the 18th century tenements emerged to accommodate the workers. An insight can attain on a tour of Meyers Court.

Among many other companies, here was the famous AEG resident until they had to give up their position there in the 80s of the 20th century. The workers then accounted for 50-60% of the population in Berlin Wedding and so explains why Wedding has elected to the Reichstag as the first of the parts of Berlin a SPD deputies. This was in 1877. There were unions and numerous associations. 1923 metro line C was opened, the track today in part, the U 6 covers.

During the Weimar Republic Berlin Wedding was known as Red Wedding, even in the Reichstag elections of 1933 the NSDAP reached in this social-democratic dominated working-class neighborhood, the worst result. While walking with an attractive lady from Escort Wedding You might pass a memorial stone at corner of Wiesenstraße and quayside. This is reminiscent of a bloody confrontation between demonstrators and police left in 1929 to the Koslinerstrasse.

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If the walk with manicured lady from Escort Wedding passes through this the Berlin neighborhoods at Schulstraße, Badstraße and Seestraße, you stand where 1945 the front line in the battle for Berlin went a long time. After the Second World War Wedding belonged to the French sector. Clearly recognizable this is still on hand of the Eiffel Tower in front of the Centre Francais today.

In Schiller Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site today, or in the public park Rehberg nature lovers can enjoy the fresh air in the countryside jogging, cycling or simply the Berlin air. Interesting is also the residential development near the Schiller Park, because this is reminiscent of Holland. Architecture enthusiasts will in the new and old Narzarethkirche their money.

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Experience with the lady of your choice from the escort Wedding interesting sightseeing in one of the traditional breweries Weddinger or enjoy off the mass production special glass of wine in one of the most loving stores. Recently there is a café in Wedding coffee from its own roaster. Also shopping facilities can be found sufficient in Wedding and compensate with their authenticity for the distance to Kufürstendamm. At the right time of year various events will take place in Berlin Wedding on the central fairground. Our sexy ladies from Escort Wedding You are welcome to join. Even today hovers the community spirit of the labor movement on Wedding, recently projects have again been incited to community gardens.

Although Wedding is one of the weaker parts of Berlin, it is a journey in the company of a lady from the escort Wedding value. Here awaits Berlin unadorned, as it is.

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