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Escort Kreuzberg – book the perfect model for your pleasure

Kreuzberg is one of the most famous neighborhoods of Berlin. Kreuzberg has been part of the administrative reform of the 01.01.2001 as part to the district of Friedrichshain / Kreuzberg. The mountain of the same name owes the district its name, this is already in the city of Berlin since the 19th century. In Berlin-Kreuzberg currently live about 160,000 people and 33.3 percent of the residents of the district have an immigrant background.

In Kreuzberg particularly people of Turkish origin had settled. As Stadbezirk Kreuzberg is always up to date and there alternative lifestyles are maintained and designed. The visitors of the district will find many houses from the period.

The restoration shaft, these houses have the traditional Berlin-style is not lost, the front and rear house offers. Up to the Second World War there is a work area with tenements, where then lived up to 150 tenants. Even today it is still in Berlin one of the urban areas which are the most densely populated. In the district meet and met different cultures and people together. It stimulates and was stirring fierce resistance to current conditions and so was Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, a center of the student movement and also beyond the city limits, Berlin is known for the protests to 01 May. Berlin-Kreuzberg, but also many local and at all times a proof that the neighborhood of different cultures can succeed.

The Escort Kreuzberg

The quarter shows for visitors with ruggedly beautiful and versatile. But not only the pubs and clubs are experiencing and worth seeing because it is also worth visiting it, for example, the Protestant Holy Cross Church or the Admiral Bridge. Many citizens from immigrant backgrounds do business in Berlin-Kreuzberg, which invite for browsing and so is the face of the district versatile and colorful.

Through the multicultural life of course diverse culinary traces were left. There are around every corner internationally minded, Turkish and German snacks, where the hunger can be fed. To drink and food also invite also cozy cafés and restaurants. Visitors can pitch their quarters very well, because there are over 30 hostels and hotels in the district of Berlin-Kreuzberg.

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